Our mission is to passionately support the growth and development of teachers, school teams, and students.

We believe in the incredible potential within each educator and learner, and like dedicated gardeners, we provide guidance and resources to help them flourish.We are deeply committed to fostering human-centered and student-focused innovative solutions, tailoring our services to the unique needs of each program and group. We are dedicated to helping schools create a learning ecosystem where every teacher and student can blossom into their very best.


Founder & lead consultant

Shirin is a former teacher and teacher leader. Her experiences teaching in Chicago and surrounding cities has given her a unique perspective on the challenges that today’s teachers and students face in their experience of teaching and learning. She believes each school is a microcosm of the community it is in and has unique needs that require expertise and a human touch.

Bloom Learning was initiated to provide the tools and support that teachers, school leaders, and scholars need to be uplifted. From our tailored professional learning, course creation, coaching, and strategic planning, Bloom will be there to nurture schools and support its thriving.

What We Do

We work collaboratively with K-12 school leaders, educators, and scholars to design highly-specialized programs and practices that close gaps and elevate learning experiences.

Targeted Professional Learning

Our professional learning services empower teachers to enhance their instructional practices, resulting in more effective and engaging learning experiences for students. Focus areas include: generative AI, project-based learning, social-emotional learning, culturally responsive teaching, STEM/STEAM, and more.

Strategic Program Development

We support  school leaders in creating and scaling school programs that align with their educational objectives, ensuring efficient and impactful initiatives. We facilitate collaboration with diverse stakeholder groups to establish a shared vision, mission, and forward-looking plan.

Effective Technology Integration

We assist  teachers in seamlessly integrating technology into their classrooms, enhancing the learning experience and preparing students for the digital age.

Customized Curriculum

Our curriculum and course creation services provide schools with tailored resources that teachers and students can regularly revisit and utilize.

Instructional Coaching

We offer guidance and support to educators, helping them implement best practices in teaching through reflection and action research, leading to optimized  student outcomes and achievement. We also offer leadership development support to strengthen the capacity of the leadership team, enabling confident decision-making and positive outcomes for the school community.

​​Participating in this professional development was an eye-opening experience for me. The training in generative AI reinvigorated my approach to teaching and I know I’ll see big improvements in my students’ engagement and understanding of what they are learning. I found the support and guidance incredibly valuable.”

– Middle School Teacher, Cobb County Schools

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